Current Status of SSDG in Manipur

  • The Government of Manipur has started online delivery of Government to Citizens (G2C) services through the Manipur State Portal. Citizens can now avail identified Government services from the Manipur State Portal by submission of applications on e-forms through internet from their personal computers, laptops, etc., or by visiting the nearest Common Service Centres (CSC). To avail the services, citizens can visit the Manipur State Portal? and register (one time) as a user of the Portal.
  • As an extension of the State Portal, State Service Delivery Gateway and e-Forms Project to the Mobile Platform, Department of Information Technology has integrated SMS-based system for ascertaining the status of Pension Advice. Pensioners can now find out the status of their Pension Payment Advice though their Mobile Phones by sending an SMS to 51969 in the format below.

mn<Space>pn<Space>sm/<ppo no.>
(Eg: mn pn sm/11831)

Manipur State Portal will confirm through a return SMS if payment advice has been sent to your Bank or otherwise, along with details? regarding date for renewal of photo etc.

  • At present 40 services from 7 Departments are available online at the Manipur State Portal. The list of services and the Departments are as below:

[1]???? Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Department

1)??? Application for Issue of New Ration Card
2)??? Application for Change of Name in Ration Card
3)??? Application for the Addition of name in the Ration card
4)??? Application for Deletion of name in the Ration card
5)??? Application for Duplicate Ration card grant/renewal
6)??? Application from the citizen for Inclusion under AAY, AP, etc.
7)??? Issuance of Certificate for Inclusion under different schemes

[2]???? Employment Exchange Department

1)??? Registration in Employment Exchange
2)??? Renewal of Registration
3)??? Transfer of Registration
4)??? Repeat Registration
5)??? Updating Qualification, Experience
6)??? Cancellation of Registration
7)??? Submission of Application against Vacancy

[3]???? Registration Office (Revenue Department)

1)??? Application for Registration under Hindu Marriage Act
2)??? Application for Registration of Marriage celebrated in other form (Form V)- Special Marriage Act
3)??? Application for Notice of Intended Marriage (Special Marriage Act)
4)??? Application for Issue of Non Encumbrance Certificate
5)??? Application for Issue of Certified/True Copy of registered Deeds

[4]???? Directorate of Settlement and Land Records

1)??? Application for Certified Copy of RoR

[5]???? Election Department

1)??? FORM 6, Application for inclusion of name in Electoral Roll for Indian citizens living in India
2)??? FORM 6A, Application for inclusion of name in Electoral Roll for NRIs
3)??? FORM 7, Application for Exclusion / Deletion of name from Electoral Roll
4)??? FORM 8, Application for correction to particulars in Electoral Roll
5)??? FORM 8A, Application for transposition of electors within an Assembly Constituency
6)??? FORM 3, Applicatinon for inclusion of name for Indian Citizen who are in Foreign Service in Service Electors Roll

[6]???? Revenue Department

1)??? Application for Mutation of Land Record
2)??? Application for Partition of Land Holding(s)
3)??? Application for Valuation or Ownership of Land Record(s)
4)??? Application for Certified Copy of Records of Rights(RoR)

[7]???? Social Welfare

1)??? Application for Balika Samridhi Yojna (BSY)
2)??? Application for Providing Financial Assistance to School going Dependent Children
3)??? Application for National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP)

  • Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme

4)??? Application for National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP)

  • Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme

5)??? Application for Registration for Unemployment Allowances to person with disabilities
6)??? Application for National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP)

  • Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme

7)??? Application for National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP)

  • National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS)

8)??? Application for Registration for pension under Manipur Old Age Pension Scheme
9)??? Application for Financial assistance to poor and needy widow
10) Application form for Scholarship of the Disabled students for Fresh or Renewal